man, sometimes I'm so bad at simple MechE stuff 😩 -- ordering parts is hard.

When people encounter an error with your product there is a high probability that they're already frustrated. And cutesy error messages just serve to trivialize their problems.

It's so prevalent in software, and I really don't understand why. As a user I tend to get rather annoyed when my apps apologize to me and say silly things like "oh noes!" or "whoopsie" or "your data got mixed up in a whirling tornado!"

Like, that shit's just not helpful.

That said, this is sounding more and more like a brand new personal project, and I really need to be finishing a few of the ones that I've got going on already.

I guess that hasn't ever really stopped me before?

so it looks like you can buy the little standalone 360Β° lidar unit off the turtlebot for $180.

I'm not sure that the whole burger/waffle platform options really make sense, but this seems awfully tempting.

one of my biggest issues with working from home is that the machine that makes me a cup of coffee is about 10 times closer to my desk.

Hey Internet, where should I go to grab a beer?

😈 making our network shittier, one device at a time!

Finished an old project this weekend that had been sitting untouched on the shelf for months!

😜 Feels good (even if the project itself was pretty dumb)

I feel like my federated timeline is trending toward homogeneity. I guess I don't follow that many people, but more than ever it seems like the content I see is dominated by the few folks who post a _ton_ of crap. And that kind of sucks because the occasional one-off toot by the folks who don't post often tends to be far more interesting (at least to me.)

Perhaps I just need to follow more people. But that doesn't address the issue that Mastodon fundamentally has a huge discoverability problem.

grooving to The Bad Plus cover of comfortably numb.


Sometimes crummy weather is just another excuse to eat well:

my lesson from today: lose the casserole dish -- if you have a deep enough cast-iron pan you can just build the pie right in there.

why can't all my roommates just get along?

I've had nothing but good experiences today with WiringPi and hardkernel's fork to support the various odroids. What a great little library.

confession time:

@leibert, I've eaten pretty much all of your eggo waffles over the past two days except the blueberry ones because those are garbage. I'll buy you some more later. I'll probably buy myself some more too.

my elbow just received a not-so-friendly reminder that this heatsink is, in fact, AC hot πŸ˜’

I've had U2's "where the streets have no name" stuck in my head for like 2 weeks.

There's something about the whole 🎢 "I want to feel sunlight on my face" 🎢 thing that really resonates with me after these first few weeks of crappy fall weather. Also it's just a nice song.

thinking about setting up a personal-knowledgebase-thing using a wiki, but I've personally only ever administered mediawikis. That was years ago, and also Tikiwiki looks promising 😩

I know it's a toy, and I know that I didn't necessarily use the cozmo that's sitting on my bookshelf to its full potential, but I am soooooo excited for the anki vector to ship!

Congrats to team RagTag on completing the ragnar reach-the-beach run!

Also, we are all now experts at stinking up a support vehicle πŸ‘ƒ

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