Hey Internet, where should I go to grab a beer?

😈 making our network shittier, one device at a time!

Finished an old project this weekend that had been sitting untouched on the shelf for months!

😜 Feels good (even if the project itself was pretty dumb)

why can't all my roommates just get along?

my elbow just received a not-so-friendly reminder that this heatsink is, in fact, AC hot πŸ˜’

Arg, Facebook! While this may tick whatever checkbox is required by legal, it certainly doesn't live up to the spirit of the law.

"... By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook ..."

man, I miss being on vacation.

we had some good times

"Who doesn't want to just disappear, at some point in the day, in a year, to just step off the map and float?"

from Nick Flynn's ABNISC p.182

so ... the guy can write.

best buds

(this was before ducky got left outside during a few too many rainstorms)

This guy carried me over 500 miles of blue highways to Lake Placid and back over the weekend without a single hiccup. I think it's earned some TLC this week that I've been putting off for too long: re-timing, new points, little tach work, bigger break work.

Planning a long weekend to do a little -- so many good options!

Didn't buy enough rhubarb to fill my pie pan so I had to improvise.

so clearly I'm not very good at this but I guess at least I'm moving in the right direction. πŸ€”

baked apple cinnamon oatmeal must be the tastiest way to kick off a saturday

recipe here: freshaprilflours.com/2014/12/2

hey other folks @ weirdgone.pro -- any suggestions?

appropriately licensed and ideally mastodon themed


small, relaxed instance for friends