It took me way too long to realize that my non-signal contacts weren't just ignoring my group messages.

Now I'm here trying to find my update history so I can figure out when this started 馃檨

I've started writing more consistently again, which is fun and idk maybe productive or smth

US politics are astoundingly depressing

what I would give for Josiah Bartlet on the ticket for 2020 ...

kinda really digging a few tracks by ROLE MODEL rn

Why the heck did I wait so long to get a decent dock for this laptop?


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another silly anti-theft measure for the bike while I wait on a new lock/chain

@sexybenfranklin I might have accidentally referred to my roommate's dog as "kiddo" and I'm not sure how to feel about that.

so I kind of agree, and tbh, this is something I'm trying to convince myself of as much as anyone else, but I also think we're better off than we were 20 years ago, and that's because progressive people tried to make it that way.

And sure, I don't think my vote or my letter to my senator does much. And I hate that I exist in this system with little opportunity to meaningfully change the outcome. But I also don't think we're at the point yet where we can feel good about giving up.

@debugninja That said, an asteroid would be real nice right now.

@debugninja And I think that's because defeatism rarely considers the outcome. Call it realism, call it intellectualism, but at the end of the day, it does less good for joe shmoe than activism, or really anything else.

@debugninja Political defeatism seems enlightened, but I worry that it's also too easy.

All night I've been trying to make "O Superman" work as the seed for a good station across a couple different music streaming services, and honestly I'm kind of disappointed.

@cqc wouldn't instance admins be distributing potentially copywrited media?

@cqc although administering a pod anywhere in the US sounds a lot like setting yourself up for big legal trouble.

@cqc yes! lol, I love that they're called pods

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