What a great video, even for a dummy like me. And to think that the J58 was designed in the early 60's!

Poorly written datasheets are just a colossal waste of everyone's time.

Tonight I needlessly threw away two hours on a silly motor driver 😡

ooooohhh, this "delete and redraft" thing is dope. 😜

I love this rendition of the song; somehow it just seems awfully human.

Bowie was such a great performer and I wish I could have seen something like this live.

Updating all the things tonight!

positive: this mastodon instance is now on 2.7.1

negative: I can no longer log in to my personal wiki 🧐

I really want to like org-mode; I just kinda don't.

I know people who swear by it as a simplistic replacement for all the other tooling in your life, and I already have a running TODO list and personal wiki and similar crap, but honestly I don't ever see myself replacing any of that with something worse just because I can feel good about interacting with it inside of emacs.

So I have two options for this morning: old reliable, and something that apparently wants me dead.

This stuff better turn me into an astronaut or something...

Hey, optimism is always easy with a belly full of crepes

just flambéd the crap out of some crepes, and as a bonus got to test out the fire alarms in my apartment 🔥

planning on doing the 2.7 update next weekend so I can play with all these new toys I keep hearing about

I may have borked my knee a bit more seriously last night than I thought. 😔 People in this city really need to be better about shoveling/salting their sidewalks.

I guess if I can't run for a while maybe it's time to get more serious about swimming?

lol, this is amazing:

I just wish I had more excuses to write (really anything) with LaTeX

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Somebody has animated sheet music of John Coltrane's saxophone, holy shit. Actually a little dizzying to watch, but so much fun too.

I think you leave some part of yourself in the last place you visit, and you don't get to pick it back up until you leave home again.

Getting ready for day 2 of post-break work. It's always hard to go back to normal life after taking time off.

my landlord's smart thermostat is one of the dumbest things I've ever used 😒

Think of all the terrible and wondrous things that could be built with just one night alone in the McMaster-Carr warehouse!

He got frightened by the radiator earlier, but I think he's slowly warming up to it.

It's a great big world out there.

man, sometimes I'm so bad at simple MechE stuff 😩 -- ordering parts is hard.

When people encounter an error with your product there is a high probability that they're already frustrated. And cutesy error messages just serve to trivialize their problems.

It's so prevalent in software, and I really don't understand why. As a user I tend to get rather annoyed when my apps apologize to me and say silly things like "oh noes!" or "whoopsie" or "your data got mixed up in a whirling tornado!"

Like, that shit's just not helpful.

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