So tarsnap seems pretty awesome!

I kind of knew that it was a thing and that some people were pretty enthusiastic about it. But when my personal NAS box died this week I used that as an excuse to try out a tarsnap setup, and I think I actually get it now. My old backup solution kinda sucked.

no colander, no problem!

turns out a pie tin can make for a pretty decent spaetzle-maker (just gotta be sure to hit it with a sander or similar to take off any lingering metal nibs)


listen, I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but honestly this is not a bad way to do it πŸ˜‹

context: smoker project got its first real test today, and while I think I still have some tweaks to make, the results weren't all that bad!

@cantstandya oh, that is a good idea! I kind of like the idea of making one of those lazy-suzan-type holders too

I'm running out of space in the spice drawer. This is such a fun problem to have!

still very early stages atm, but if we can figure out a button press i'm pretty sure the possibilities are LIMITLESS

good morning, little plantlings!

that sage is starting to smell wonderful

auto cw: could contain food 

@Louisa -- haha, I feel like you can usually tell whether the author of any particular recipe came up from a background as a home cook or from a professional kitchen staff based on how cavalier they are about using a ton of pots and pans for one dish.

Made one of these mini WSM builds out of a smokey-joe this weekend.

Some of the designs on the weber forums are pretty neat, and make for a downright tiny little smoker. I'm pretty eager to put it through its paces this weekend

there should be a dedicated word for that gut-feeling where you know something's not right and probably needs fixing, but you also want to prolong your current state of peaceful bliss for like, a few more seconds.

anyway the dog's out of sight and I hear a crinkling sound

What a difference 6 months make!

Little guy still likes to chill in my office and watch me work though. πŸ˜€

@leibert It's just what was on my p hone. Unfortunately the lens on my phone camera was cracked for a bit so the early ones are somewhat blurry.

@leibert working on it, will post a link when I've got one, ideally this weekend.

I've been using a combination of multiple desktops and a tiling window manager for a few years and it's worked pretty well for me, but recently I switched over to one of these gigantic ultra-wide monitors and after weeks I still haven't figured out how to adapt some of my behaviors. I catch myself opening up a bunch of no-op windows just to make everything fit like how I'm used to.

Maybe it's worth trying out stacking one for a bit.

the new update and redesign on the firefox android app is really bugging the crap out of me this week 😟

Something really magical happened last night at 2am when I woke up, did 2 hours of solid work on one of my fun personal projects and then went back to sleep like nothing happened.

And looking at it this morning, it's actually pretty good work!

instance block recommendation 

@eldang -- my one rule I suppose is that if I ever see a block recommendation I always do a little bit of research before following suit. But from what I've seen so far, suggestions tend to be genuine.

instance block recommendation 

@eldang -- Makes sense. I haven't kept up with much of the drama over the past few years and tbh have been a bit of a negligent admin (the couple other people on here are friends and haven't gotten mad at me about it yet πŸ˜€.) But I have been curious if there would ever come a time where I'd need to get more serious about moderation, just haven't seen too much junk slip through yet.

instance block recommendation 

@eldang --
seems like a good call, thanks!

> the usual pleroma crimes that I'm too bored with to even enumerate

Do you mind indulging a somewhat out-of-the-loop admin of a small instance? It hasn't been a huge problem for us yet, but I still haven't really figured out how to proactively tackle instance-blocking. At the moment I'm operating under a somewhat reactionary "I see it, I fix it" type of system.

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