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TIL: a little bit of harissa can do amazing things for an otherwise boring egg sandwich

first toot from the new place!

spent all weekend moving and the new apt is still pretty boxy. But progress was made!

well, I have confirmed that more alcohol does _not_ fix bizarre tcl/modelsim comp issues.

this is a made-up DSL for made-up people

Anybody read any really good books recently? Like changed-your-life kind of good?

Arg, Facebook! While this may tick whatever checkbox is required by legal, it certainly doesn't live up to the spirit of the law.

"... By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook ..."

need to come up with a better scheme for keeping myself motivated to work on some of my personal projects 😕

Got annoyed with my asus router last week and rage-bought a Mikrotik RouterBOARD.

It's pretty sweet. And the ROS interface is not so bad either once you get used to it.

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a small, simple makefile is truly a thing of beauty.

there are no beautiful makefiles.

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made my latest attempt to interact with my facebook acct tonight and I really just can't bring myself to care about anything on there.

open offices are ... well, they just are. 😒

"Who doesn't want to just disappear, at some point in the day, in a year, to just step off the map and float?"

from Nick Flynn's ABNISC p.182

so ... the guy can write.

best buds

(this was before ducky got left outside during a few too many rainstorms)

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This guy carried me over 500 miles of blue highways to Lake Placid and back over the weekend without a single hiccup. I think it's earned some TLC this week that I've been putting off for too long: re-timing, new points, little tach work, bigger break work.

currently halfway-through 5 different projects. Do I try to finish one, or start the 6th?

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