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trying to plan a trip in may and it's taking me forever. Because I have so many good options!

My old manager just messaged me this; I don't think I've ever received a better compliment:

Recruiter: “So what would you say your strengths are?”
Devin: “Deleting code.”
Recruiter: “Cool, so like, fixing bugs?”
Devin: “No, just removing code.”
Recruiter: “I don’t understand, is the code broken?”
Devin: “No, it just shouldn’t be there.”
Recruiter: “Ok, well... what’s your favorite language to write in?”
Devin: “Again, I’m less interested in writing code, and more interested in deleting code.”

I asked one of the IT helpdesk people at my office if they do battery disposal and they said yes. But they also seemed really confused when I pulled a big old battery out of my backpack. I guess they meant like double-a's?

home fire alarms should have a button for "shut the hell up for the next 15 minutes, I'm just cooking, okay?"

that would be totally reasonable

I don't think I've ever managed to change the battery on my watch and not injure myself in the process

will someone, for the love of god, pretty, pretty please ... teach me how to dougie?

I think the real problem here is that I just don't really understand batteries that well.

this power supply I'm using to charge a battery is making intermittent buzzing sounds, but on the whole it seems to be working. I'm not sure what's up, but having the right fire extinguisher nearby makes me feel a bit better.

I think I'm going to tune up my bicycle today. That seems like a slightly productive thing to do.

@leibert it gets into some mode where it stops displaying the units and I dont know why, but if I just turn it off and on again it usually comes back

@leibert -- I was looking up stuff about how to use your oscilloscope and stumbled upon this video.

It didn't help me at all, but it turns out that there is something surprisingly soothing about listening to a British guy casually complaining about his ebay purchase for 20 minutes.

saw the Apollo 11 movie in theaters last night, and it is all kinds of awesome.

I don't know what it was about that era, or the people in it, that so many could get behind such a seemingly impossible effort, and that Kennedy could stand in front of congress and promise to put a man on the moon within 10 years, and then create the resources to actually do it.

Wtf changed? Where's our national project and where's the administration that is going to decide to cure cancer within 10 years or smth?

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ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

Found a large packet of googly-eyes today while cleaning the apartment. I don't remember having this much fun with these things as a kid...

duuuude, you can use tin snips on protoboards! And they work really well!

Why the hell have I spent so much time scoring & sawing these things in the past? I was trying to use a dremel last week on one 🤦‍♂️

how many years until I can buy a commercial memristor off of digikey or someplace and plug it into my breadboard (to do ... well I don't know what)?

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