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"Decline and visit plaintext site"

Holy crap NPR, way to go! This is first time I have ever seen a website display a cookie warning that's not user-hostile, i.e. "press accept or you can gtfo"

logging into everything is so much more annoying when the browser extension doesn't work -- idk much about the firefox addon system (store?) or w/e, but it'd be nice if they made it easier to do targeted downgrades. It would also be nice if LP filled out the release notes field on an update.

The latest update of the lastpass firefox extension has broken login for some users, including me. 🙁

oh well, ticket filed.

Why are the lights in my apartment turning on and off intermittently?

Oh, that's why.

It can be so frustrating just to set up an environment for a 12-month old piece of hardware.

I'm really curious what a generalist, functional ROS setup looks like. Because I certainly have never had one.

I'm imagining a collection of something like 15 images, one for each ROS distro, each with their own extremely vanilla ubuntu install, an enormous set of dependency packages frozen in time from 2014 or whenever that distro was released, and every single tool in the ros-extra-extra-extra ecosystem. Also, whatever general environment & python crap was in-vouge at that particular time.

it's a million degrees in today and I'm considering hopping on a bluebike -- I'd say that there's a 20% chance that both me and the bike wind up in the Charles.

someone needs to publish some peer-reviewed research on the rates at which the various colors of Fla-Vor-Ice freeze.

All the gross flavors have started to freeze over, but it's been two days in my freezer and the lemon-lime ones are still in liquid form.

I've written plenty of garbage code, but I hope I'm never that guy.

mean rant to flesh that thought out 

when I read shitty code I try pretty hard to give the benefit of the doubt to whoever wrote it; it's rarely their fault that is sucks, and there were probably a bunch of weird circumstances at the time that I'm not aware of.

But every codebase seems to have its own "usual suspect," where you stumble upon some new terrible thing, go to straighten it out, and when you look at the history to get some context for why it's there, there's that fucking name again!

something, something, "the usual suspect"

My tupperware of pre-made pancacke batter exploded in the fridge last night. How does that even happen?

It is so nice when projects outline instructions for building & installing from source right in the damn readme or wiki or w/e -- and while it's rarely fair to be annoyed with the maintainers of a project for not doing more for you, it's also such an easy thing to just list out the dependencies and tooling you need to compile this stuff!

If I go to work early today, they're serving waffles.

but then I'd be at work. early.

my neighbor is drunkenly(?) belting out some Whitney Houston behind my apartment ... and it's actually kind of magical.

aww, nice! it's a swapfest weekend at mit.

reCAPTCHA : how to make your website completely unusable for people on a vpn.

Whoa, didn't realize that this was a thing. I just replaced a lost credit card and discovered that a bunch of sites already had my new info.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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