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All my various notes these days go into one large org file that's turned into a fun little model of entropy.

The doc is thousands of lines long at this point, and as ideas get more organized they tend to move up the page into increasingly formal, structured trees. Towards the bottom are more half-thoughts and temporary todos that have yet to be developed and find their place.

Another instance update!

This particular env is not my forte, but it seems that the assets:precompile task wasn't actually generating any of the updated assets, and would just succeed silently. Fixed it by manually doing a yarn run webpack with the production config, but maybe there's something smarter to do there? yarn cache clean? 🤷‍♂️

Like I've seen young (5-10 year old) children interact with smartphones and tablets, and it's clear to me that the way they navigate an unfamiliar interface is truly different then how I would likely approach things.

Human patterns shift over time, and that's fine. At what point is it acceptable to just blame me, the user?

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Just now it took me ~60 seconds to find something simple that I was looking for on a popular web-based software tool that underwent a site redesign a month or two ago. I was a little bit annoyed, but I also feel a bit like an old fart complaining about change.

I truly don't know whether to blame the (confusing?) new design, or myself for not being up-to-date with whatever modern design trends are. And should I have to be?

Slowly working my way through a bunch of recipes in this book:

Most of the things I've made so far from there have been pretty good, although I'm actively trying to avoid analyzing just how much butter I've zipped through in the process.

There's also something really nice about using a mediocre camera that's 10 years old. All the new webcams have a super-wide field of view or whatever, when all I want is the 65-ish degrees that will focus on my face and not show the world how messy the rest of my office is and what my neighbors apartment looks like.

I ordered a few electronics on ebay recently that I'm curious to try out in a larger effort to up my videoconferencing game, now that I do so much of it (really just a couple different cheapo webcams and microphones.)

I'm so glad that the most ridiculous option arrived first. At the moment I'm playing radio DJ with a condenser mic.

The dog barked in my little home office like 5 minutes ago and I think my ears are still ringing 🔊 👂

De-joy. To remove joy. That sounds about right.

the USPS is really harshing my mellow this week.

I guess Dejoy's mandate had consequences. And quickly. 😦

It's sad how every time in the past few years that I've watched our lawmakers call up some despicable human before a televised congressional inquiry, I walk away being more disappointed in the members of our congress than anyone else.

It's awesome when long-standing publications continue to provide access to content like that 30+ years later, I just wish it were somehow more discoverable.

And not necessarily "discoverable" in terms of search -- I'm sort of imagining something more along the lines of the old StumbleUpon site, but specifically for historically-relevant (whatever that means) content like that.

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Computer monitors that auto-select inputs based on what they think is connected can be infuriating. I even contacted the manufacturer to see if there was a way to disable it, and unfortunately there is not.

A monitor is just another appliance, and it should always do what I tell it rather than try and second-guess me.

it feels a bit like port knocking -- but for app routing.

and the knock is authed.

so in playing around I have things set up where I can now enable/disable various parts of the nginx config on this multi-purpose vps I've got via mqtt. And it actually seems to work pretty cleanly.

realistically useful? ... probably not.

am I tempted to try using it for everything now anyway? ... honestly, a bit.

In spite of keeping this server running I sort of stopped checking in on mastodon over the past year plus. It's kinda disheartening
to come back to so many dead accounts.

The effort to re-engage and discover things anew also feels pretty high, but we'll see how it goes.

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