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Made one of these mini WSM builds out of a smokey-joe this weekend.

Some of the designs on the weber forums are pretty neat, and make for a downright tiny little smoker. I'm pretty eager to put it through its paces this weekend

there should be a dedicated word for that gut-feeling where you know something's not right and probably needs fixing, but you also want to prolong your current state of peaceful bliss for like, a few more seconds.

anyway the dog's out of sight and I hear a crinkling sound

What a difference 6 months make!

Little guy still likes to chill in my office and watch me work though. πŸ˜€

I've been using a combination of multiple desktops and a tiling window manager for a few years and it's worked pretty well for me, but recently I switched over to one of these gigantic ultra-wide monitors and after weeks I still haven't figured out how to adapt some of my behaviors. I catch myself opening up a bunch of no-op windows just to make everything fit like how I'm used to.

Maybe it's worth trying out stacking one for a bit.

the new update and redesign on the firefox android app is really bugging the crap out of me this week 😟

Something really magical happened last night at 2am when I woke up, did 2 hours of solid work on one of my fun personal projects and then went back to sleep like nothing happened.

And looking at it this morning, it's actually pretty good work!

Does anyone know of attempts at automating issue creation across public repos on github/gitlab/etc.?

It would definitely be a nuisance, and I don't imagine it would actually work well, but I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard of anyone trying it.

As an example:

pathetic covid confession 😜 :

Even though the current state of the world has me spending most of my nights cooped up at home anyway, there's something a bit different about explicitly scheduling dedicated "me" time. The ceremony of it all somehow makes me plan a bunch of other stuff around it.

It'd be neat if package managers had a flag or whatever for packages that don't follow the XDG spec

dog is sick this morning. πŸ™ poor guy.

geez, timezones are hard for me today apparently

motivation, where did you go?

I probably should just stop working rn and try to pick all this up later tonight πŸ™

Anyone in the market for an in-home planetarium?

Welcome to one of the most wonderful sites on the www:

Actually though, Miller Engineering's star discs are supposed to be first-rate.

Throughout the past 6 months I've had the self-restraint to not post a zillion pictures of the puppy to all of my social media accounts. I don't know why that was important to me; I've turned into a crazy obsessed over-the-top dog person anyway.

Norman is getting a youtube account soon, though.

I was hoping it'd be easier to get my hands on an old inline ticker tape printer.

POS receipt printer it is.

hazelnut coffee: smells wonderful but tastes like trash water

@cantstandya --- well well, look who comes craaawwlling back!

anyways welcome, hi, good to hear from you again!

binaural beats, now there's a sham I can really get behind

The last few lines are this sort of 20-second staging area for the little tidbits I write immediately before I copy and paste them into places like mastodon/irc/slack/etc.

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