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Land landing of Starliner is pretty neat, but also impressive is the bagel catering game in mission control.

Standing waves have formed in my coffee...

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I am searching beta testers who :
- Use Google Play
- Have an account on Mastodon & Pixelfed
- That don't care about clunky UI
- That don't throw their device when an app crash
- And that love to send bug reports

If you are one of them, ping me so I can give you a code for getting Fedilab :)

Boosts appreciated (thanks)

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NASA engineers attempting to understand why their #npm project stopped resolving dependencies (1969, colorized).

I thought I found a slip from a fortune cookie on the floor...it wasn't, but still gives some good life advice

Apparently I'm at a Cory Booker debate watch party...feel like I'm cheating on my neighbor. Shouldn't have crossed the river.

The screen on my broke coming back to the US...but once it's fixed I know what I'm installing first

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