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No one at Tesla has ever owned a Raspberry Pi.

"Flash Memory Wear Killing Older Tesla's Due to Excessive Data Logging"

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I am searching beta testers who :
- Use Google Play
- Have an account on Mastodon & Pixelfed
- That don't care about clunky UI
- That don't throw their device when an app crash
- And that love to send bug reports

If you are one of them, ping me so I can give you a code for getting Fedilab :)

Boosts appreciated (thanks)

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NASA engineers attempting to understand why their #npm project stopped resolving dependencies (1969, colorized).

I thought I found a slip from a fortune cookie on the floor...it wasn't, but still gives some good life advice

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"IPv4: Allow as a valid address range, allowing for 16 million new IPv4 addresses. This is part of the IPv4 Cleanup Project, started to increase the number of available unicast IPv4 addresses"




aight, I'm gonna need a drink, several in fact


Apparently I'm at a Cory Booker debate watch party...feel like I'm cheating on my neighbor. Shouldn't have crossed the river.

The screen on my broke coming back to the US...but once it's fixed I know what I'm installing first

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RT @idreyn@twitter.com

bae: come over
me: I can't, I'm an adult with a job
bae: I'm about to put a new Orange Line train into revenue service for the first time since 1981

🐦🔗: twitter.com/idreyn/status/1161

Obviously not a shock to anyone who has gone anywhere near these roads. Even in a car it's a hair-raising experience to go through an intersection controlled by DCR, let alone on foot or bike.

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